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We are a club with nearly 500 members who play beach volleyball all year round. In the summer we primarily play in Ryparken, but also on Refshaleøen and on Bellevue Beach. In the winter we play indoor at the ‘heated sandbox’ in Refshalehallen.


We organize training at every level - from youth, beginner, mid-range and mix to elite and national team level training. Besides training, you can also book a court if you just want to team up two-on-two for a match.



We offer training at all levels, all ages (from 13 years onwards), both sexes and mix. If it's your first time playing beachvolley we recommend that you start out on our beginner/entry team. On the beginners/entry team you get to know the sport and the club at the same time, and the coaches will be able to evaluate which team that suits you. Show up on the day or tell the coach that you would like a free trial training.


If you're already familiar with the sport and maybe also the beach volleyball environment, you can contact the coach of the team that you believe suits your level.


On the following link you can find contact information on the coaches of the teams here (in danish).


By the way...

Copenhagen Beachvolley is a club run by volunteers and, besides a few part-time employees, all our initiatives and activities are organized on a voluntary basis. We strive to be a club that can accommodate all types of beach volleyball players. At the same time we want to maintain a good atmosphere that characterizes life on the beach.


Membership of Copenhagen Beachvolley

You have to be a member of the club (pay a membership quota), if you want to use our facilities or participate in our activities. Our senior membership is devided into two categorys: Full-year membership and Summer membership:


Full-year membership gives access to:

  • Booking of outdoor courts
  • Booking of indoor courts
  • Participation in training outdoors and indoors
  • Participation in challenger outdoor and indoor

Membership Quota: 3.300 kr. per year.


(the quota is devided into 1.650 kr. for each of the following half year periods: January 1st to June 30th and July 1st to December 31st).


Summer membership gives access to:

  • Booking of outdoor courts
  • Participation in training on outdoor courts
  • Participation in the challenger on outdoor courts


Note that summer members are not able to use the indoor facilities at Refshaleøen.


Quota: 800 kr. For the summer period from 1 April to 30 September


It only takes a minute to submit your membership. Here is how you do it...

  • Log on to your member profile - if you don't have one you can create one by pressing the "Meld dig ind"-botton in the yellow box in the top right corner of the web page.
  • After logging on to/creating your member profile, choose the "KONTINGENT"-botton in the "DIN MENU"-menu.

  • Your then enter a page that shows all your previous membership payments. By clicking on the "Klik her for at betale kontingent"-link a new window pops up, where you can choose the type of membership that you want and pay for it. selv...

  • You can pay with both Visa and MasterCard.
  • When finishing the payment you can then consider yourself a member of Copenhagen Beachvolley. Congratulations! See you in the sand!



If you have any further questions regarding the membership you can contact us on finans@cphbeach.


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